【Luxury! Banquet】 ● All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat ● Domestic beef steak · Shrimp with omal shrimp · Hamo with all 11 items 10000 yen
10000 yen

Domestic beef steak, shrimp prawns, hammo, seafood ... special 'feast' course that delights the feast of luxurious ingredients.It is a course with an all-you-can-drink teppanyaki cuisine stuck to coloring.

◆ Three types first

◆ sashimi platter

◆ Tempura seafood

◆ Ayu salted seafood

◆ Omal Shrimp Basil Sauce

◆ Grilled chicken with miso

Domestic beef steak

◆ Hamo 湯 引 き 梅 Me source

◆ soup

◆ sushi platter

◆ Today's dessert

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